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67% Of Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You

Let Them Text You!

Stop Losing Revenue Because Your Business Isn’t Text Friendly

Use Text Messaging To Make More Sales. SMS Is The Most Cost-Effective Communication Channel To Reach Customers. Ease Of Communication Allows For Improved Customer Relationships!


98% Of All Text Messages Are Read Within 3 Minutes


TEXTremely Can Even Enable Your Landline

How It Works

Communicate with your customers in the manner they prefer via texting. Not only will you increase your show rate, but you’ll decrease costs because your staff can focus on delivering an outstanding experience to your customers and patients!

Grow Your Client Base

67% Of Your Customers Don’t Want To Call – Let Them Text You!

reminders received

Customers will get an automated text message, email, and/or phone call reminding them about their scheduled appointment.

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