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Engage Your Customers Through Text Chat!

Why use TEXTremely?

Text, email, and phone reminders are by far the quickest
way to reduce no-shows and connect with your customers effortlessly.

Save time and money by automating customer appointment reminders.

Increase revenue and decrease cancellations by upwards of 60% or more!

Improve customer satisfaction with personalized messaging and 2-way TEXT communication.

Discover how we can dramatically increase revenue today!

Improve communication across
your business

Service & support

Resolve Customer Issues and Increase Productivity With Lower Call Volumes and Faster Daily Operations.

Marketing & Promotions

Improve Engagement and Generate New Revenue thought Text Marketing. Promote Contests, Events, Sales, and Campaigns.

Billing & collections

Remind Customers of Upcoming Payment Deadlines and Inform Customers of Late Payments.

Recurring Message

Want to constantly stay in contact with customers? Maybe remind them of a monthly massage, or their quarterly oil change, or their rent is due? With our recurring feature, you can schedule the recurring date, and let our system send our automated text/email/and phone reminders!

Broadcaster - Quickly Reach All Your Customer

Have a special offer/coupon/ special message you want to get out quickly to ALL our customers? No problem. With our broadcast feature, you can easily send a personalized message to all your contacts at the push of a button

2 - Way Communication

Easily respond to customers directly from your platform or have notifications sent to your phone. With our 2-way communication feature, you can deepen customer relationships because they will appreciate the fact they can speak with a real person!

Internal communications

Reach Employees In The Office Or the Field With general Company Announcements or Emergency Alerts

Birthday Message

Nothing says ‘we care’ like sending a personal message on your customers birthday. Our system is able to automatically send a personalized message (with a coupon if you wish) to your customers on their special day. Birthday messages are the perfect way to deepen customer relationships!


Prevent Leads From Going Cold By Integrating Texting Into Your CRM. Easily Schedule Calls and Send Meeting Reminders.

Create reusable replies

Quickly send replies for questions you get often saving you lots of time with preset messages

Appointment reminder

Customers get an automated text message and/or email, reminding them about their scheduled appointment. Also has the capability of recurring and billing reminders.

Set up automations

Makes sure your customers always get a response or transfer to a specific department even after business hours.

TCPA Compliance

TEXTremely gives you the tools to help you remain TCPA compliant including TCPA record keeping

Customize customer profile information to match your business needs. Update customers on the fly.

Send HOT lead notifications to sales people when a lead demands instant attention. Salesmen gets notified via sms and email and does not need to be an agent.

Agent advanced dashboard is a one page mobile ready chat platform designed to manage agents chats and settings.

Create chat agents and agents can go into a group chat. Incoming sms will notify all agents and 1st one to grab it is their chat

Ability to transfer chats to another agent

Agent ability to change available hours and setup agent to reply to chats when they are offline.

Add canned messages to respond to customers.

Deploy unlimited amount of chat buttons on websites to start chat. Chat buttons can be dedicated for one agent too.

Send picture messages

Ability to force opt-in for new chats

Notifications for incoming chats, sms, email, phone call. Including chrome browser extension & windows chat tools & browser notifications.

Create keywords to start chat and send back a marketing message.

Send Appointment Reminders

Send Recurring appointment reminders.

Tag customers

Place customer in an autoresponder sequence to get automatic sms and email.

Send Delayed messages

Chat Departments, allows chats dedicated to professionals who are experts to answer their questions

Customize system auto messages to the customers

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